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About Us

Phone: 802/899-3542
Phone: 802/899-3542
Phone: 802/899-3542
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I work to empower others on their path to wholeness and health utilizing many different modalities, using the energy of unconditional love.  

I have been a professional psychic reader and energy healer since 1973. I have also helped earthbound spirits to go into the Light since 1973. I began teaching classes in psychic development in 1975. Under the guidance of some 'non-physical' friends, I am now teaching classes in exploring the 'energy of the megaverse.' (See the NEWS page for more information.) I can help clients explore their other lives, and I have been a Trained Rebirther since 1980. I also do chakra cleansings and rebalancing.

In 1986, much to my surprise, I began channeling communications from a non-physical being from another dimension, who helps clients with guidance to find their own answers. He is very much an educator and works with other entities to help us understand that we are more than we thought we were and reality is more than we thought it was. Over the years, my clients and I have learned much from his wise counsel. It is my great joy to see clients and students discover their own greatness.

My non-physical friend also dictates a bi-monthly newsletter called "Bending Reality," in which he responds to submitted questions. The newsletter is available by subscription for $16 a year.

A book comprising the first eight years of the newsletter, entitled "Bending Reality: The Book," is now available.  Check the "News" page for current information and how to order.  

Generally clients come to my home in Underhill for both readings and classes. Recording the readings is encouraged; however, recording of the classes is not permitted. Telephone readings are also available for those not able to come to my home, and I have many clients in other states and countries. Please contact me for more information.

In addition, I host an open group channeling session at my home on the third Sunday afternoon of every month. Everyone is welcome, and we have a basket for donations. No reservations are needed.

My perspective is spiritual but not religious. It doesn't matter if you have one religion or another, or none at all. You will find what you learn will have value to you no matter what your point of view.

I look forward to answering your questions. 

"I am so glad that I chose life after the reading that we had all those years back when I was coming out of a very difficult time in my life with chronic illness and had a reading with you. At the time, the prognosis of my condition was ongoing deterioration. Today I live a healthy, happy full life. Discussing the underlying spiritual issues made all the difference :)" – Kate, California

Check out more of my my "Recommendations" page to see what others are saying about me.

And be sure to check out my "News" page for the latest information about my  current activities.  .