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"If you wish to explore the many dimensions of the Universe or the depths of your spirituality, then I can think of no one else better than Bernice Kelman to help you in your quest." Bob Noeltner – Charlotte, VT

"Bernice Kelman is an authentic channel, amazing healer and extraordinary instructor of psychic practices! Her teaching is accessible to everyone. She's so warm and unassuming, but she sees the humor in the inner workings of the Universe, because she's so tapped into it." Lisa G., Williston, VT.

“Bernice Kelman - Teacher, Mentor, Friend, Muse: I credit Bernice with opening my understanding of my experience in the human form and spirit, along with that which goes well beyond. Bernice is smart, to the point, clever, loving, and oh, so very knowledgeable. Bernice has taught me the importance of unconditional love for myself and others, forgiveness, acceptance without judgment or criticism, along with how to better develop my psychic skills, understand source, and all that lies beyond that which I had thought was my "reality" experience. Bernice has an amazing ability to connect, whether in connecting with and helping spirits/ghosts, channeling, or saying it like it is. She presents herself as she is; no nonsense, no frills, with lots of love, laughter, and light. I am truly blessed to know Bernice and to learn from her experience and amazing knowledge and skill. I love that humor is a constant thread as we are all human, after all!” Kerstin Hanson, Williston, VT.

"Bernice is an amazingly gifted individual. She is very adept at giving unconditional love to everyone and she has helped me to see beyond the illusions of the physical world. I have taken both her basic and advanced Psychic Development classes. I have also attended her in-home channeling sessions. I definitely recommend her channeling services to anyone who is interested in learning. She has inspired me to open my mind to new possibilities and I am very thankful to know her. Love & Light !" Nathan Monaco, San Francisco, CA.

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Bernice Kelman through her work for many years now. I was lucky enough to be able to interview her for a public access show and I myself, as well as the crew, were utterly astounded watching her at work. Seeing her channel was an experience I'll never forget. I also had the honor of attending her psychic development class and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to develop." Jeanne Miller: The Pet Psychic: Amazon.com: The Pet Psychic Diaries eBook: Kindle Store

“I have known Bernice for about six years. I have had readings with her, have taken her Basic and Advanced Psychic Development classes, and have been to her monthly open channelings sessions. I truly enjoy Bernice's openness, honesty, sense of humor, but most of all, her encouraging of self love always. It has made a remarkable difference in my life. I believe Bernice is a true spiritual teacher and I highly recommend any service she has to offer.” Rosey Raymond, Rutland, VT.

“Bernice turns people onto themselves! She combines wisdom, humor and loving acceptance in her teaching of psychic development. Her methods are accessible to everyone and have enhanced my life in innumerable ways. To be in Bernice’s presence is to be in the presence of unconditional love.” Donna August, Georgia, VT.

“I have had the great privilege of being Bernice's student for 15 some years now. I've taken both of her psychic development classes, had private sessions with her for healing of old emotional issues and for guidance when I felt a little lost. She's a strong and loving soul, nonjudgemental, and a wonderful teacher, both from her own life experiences and through availing herself to work with her helpers from "higher" realms. I would highly recommend her services to anyone open to growing.” Becky Turner, Bristol, VT. 

“An embodiment of unconditional love, Bernice sets a real, human example of how this is possible for all of us.” Emily Garrett, Underhill, VT 

Bernice's Psychic Awareness classes are amazing! The first class I took was definitely life enhancing - and a lot of fun. Being with a group of open-minded people once a week to explore psychic phenomena and practice our new/re-learned skills involved challenging some old misconceptions and expanding my awareness. Our evenings together also provided a safe space for sharing experiences and encouraging spiritual growth. So, like many other students, I kept coming back for advanced classes and monthly channelling sessions with Sir Garrod. I always feel welcomed, enjoy lively conversations and leave feeling a little lighter, with a new way of envisioning the Universe...and beyond. - Laurie DiCesare, Naturalist, Milton, VT)

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