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If you'd like to find answers to the questions you've always wanted to ask,

~ if you want to know how to handle difficult situations or relationships, 

~ if you wonder about your purpose in life or what your lessons are for your present incarnation, 

~ if you're curious about what happens before your physical life or after your passing, 

~ if you're interested in the significance of the 'ascension' or the year 2012, 

~ or absolutely anything else on your mind, 

please consider contacting my spirit friends and me. And if you'd like references from my past clients and students, please let me know. Since I've been in practice for so many years, I am very well known and, as they say, my reputation precedes me.

By law in some states/localities, I must state that this is “for entertainment purposes only.  

​Bernice Kelman
12 Kelley Road
Underhill, VT 05489
Phone: 802/899-3542
E-mail:  kelman.b@juno.com

E-mail: kelman.b@juno.com
Phone: 802/899-3542